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Personal Development: The Foundation of Your Success in Christian Music Personal development is the rock to the foundation of marketing your gift in music. .munication skills, how you deal with people, willing to study and improve skills are a big part of personal development. The Contemporary Christian Music industry refers to this issue as "Artist Development". Further, increasing these .munication skills plays a crucial role. No miracle marketing wonders will help you until you invest the time to gain skills in dealing with other people. For example, if you can interact with people and learn to understand their needs, interests, strengths, and goals,you will be far more successful in introducing them to what you have to offer with your music than someone who just tries to "sell themselves." If you can work on understanding people and focusing on helping them first, you will go far in life whether it’s with your music or some other career. To gain these personal development skills is as simple as turning off the television and opening your mind to incredible resources from books, to CD’s, DVD’s, Webinars, Conference calls, and even special seminars. Here are some steps for you to begin as you learn how to enhance your skills with powerful resources on personal development available today: Read! The resources in the form of books to read are unlimited. Of course, there’s no greater book on wisdom, strategy, business or ministry than the Bible. Here are some others that are well worth re.mending: "How To Win Friends And Influence People" by Dale Carengie "The Everyday Visionary" by Jesse Duplantis "My Utmost For His Highest" by Oswald Chambers "Spirit Driven Success" by Dani Johnson That list could go on. For more ideas, check the Market Research page here. Learn from the best! Your level of in.e often reflects your level of personal development. Learn from those who are already successful in the areas you want to excel. If it’s a Christian musician, check out some of the legends who’ve been at this industry for years and keep moving forward! Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, are just a few who .e to mind who have been successful over a long period of time. They had tremendous skills. Not just musical talent, but also incredible relational skills. When it .es to amazing talent coupled with being an entrepreneur, Bill Gaither is the "grand daddy" of them all. Gaither founded the Gaither Music .pany which performs the functions of record .pany, concert booking, television production, copyright management, retail store, recording studio and telemarketing for the Gaither empire. Gaither also runs a retail center called Gaither Family Resources. Gaither, and his wife Gloria, have given back to the Contemporary Christian music industry in many ways. For one, they helped to prolong the careers of those who came before them. Mark Lowry, Sandi Patty, Carman, Steve Green, Amy Grant, are some of a long list of artists who either got their start or became popular while touring with the Gaithers. Invest to gain skills One of the best investments you could make, not only for your music career, but also personally would be to see Success Coach and trainer Dani Johnson. I can think of no greater coach when it .es to personal development. I personally have attended two of her "First Steps To Success" Seminars that have had a tremendous impact on my personal development and helped improve my business. I believe she is anointed and God has raised her up for such a time as this. The foundation of her teachings and principles are biblically based. In addition, you won’t hear anything from Dani that she hasn’t personally used or done herself. Her track record of wealth is well documented. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands she and her husband give yearly to powerful Christian ministries. Dani walks the talk! Some of her clients not only include successful business people, but also producers, actors, artists, Christian musicians…and even a Rocket Scientist! Check out where Dani Johnson’s next seminar will be. Be authentic. Be real. Be You. Finally, you have to be yourself. This is so crucial. I can remember being a young 16-year-old when my mom dragged me to an Amy Grant concert. What captivated me and made me really listen to her music was how down to earth she was and honest. I remember that concert evening when she had decided to play this song she had just written. She dug in on the piano and was singing her heart out with her hands all over the keyboard. Suddenly, in the middle of the most dramatic part of the tune, she froze. She couldn’t remember the words or the music! She looked out into the gasping audience, gave that endearing smile, and went on with the song picking up where she left off. That’s Amy. She is the same whether she is in her kitchen cooking a meal or on stage singing to thousands. This idea of being who you really are reminds me of something said on American Idol from one of the "stars" helping the aspiring contestants. Kenny Rogers was explaining the key to being successful now, and for years to .e, as his illustrious career has proven. He said there are three things to consider: 1)Who and what other people say and think you are. 2)Who you think and say you are. 3)Who you really ARE, regardless of what you or others think. The closer you get those three together, the greater chance you have of being successful for a long time, he said. – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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